Princeton Blue, founded in 2006, has exclusive focus on Digital Automation through BPM, Rules, Cognitive and RPA technology platforms. We help customers transform their business processes to deliver operational efficiency and improved user experience.

Driving Digital Automation

At Princeton Blue, our mission is to empower your business with innovation driven by digital technology. We have exclusive focus on BPM, Business Rules, Cognitive and RPA technologies to help you achieve excellence. We work with top BPM vendors - IBM, Pegasystems, and Appian, recognized as industry Leaders by Gartner and Forrester. With our extensive experience and expertise in the BPM space, we offer highly focused BPM Advisory Consulting and Implementation services. We help clients understand the business value BPM can bring to their organization, assist them in BPM platform selection, and facilitate their business process discovery and modeling.

Princeton Blue is a premium independent BPM and Rules Consulting services company. Our forte is in delivering complex process solutions. Our partnership with the three most consistently recognized leaders in the BPM space - Pegasystems, Appian Corporation, and IBM – effectively demonstrates our capability to provide competent advisory and technology services in the BPM space.

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Global Solution Center

Princeton Blue has built global solution delivery capability through our operations in India –Global Solution Center (GSC). Princeton Blue GSC is the only vendor organization in India that focuses exclusively on delivering BPM solutions. Established with the sole objective of providing higher value to our global customers, GSC enables Princeton Blue to build distributed teams across the globe that can collaborate effectively to build superior technology, solutions, and services for our customers.

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Client Referenceability is the most important goal at Princeton Blue. We measure ourselves against referenceability of our clients and their success. All our clients so far are 100% referenceable. They are a testimony to the value that we bring to the table. We encourage our customers to have a dialog with each other and learn from their experiences. Our BPM Executive Summit is a platform where we invite our clients to share their ideas, learnings and also experience of working with Princeton Blue. We invite you to be part of this journey.

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