Order Management

Vertical: Pharmaceuticals
Business Area: Order Management

This leading pharmaceutical company aimed to improve their previously human-intensive order fulfillment and management process. Princeton Blue re-designed the process and workflow, focused on key challenges/pain-points resulting in shorter turnaround time.

Business Need

The clients primary goal was to reduce the manual human-centric tasks, provide automation by multiple integration points, thereby reducing the end-customer’s wait time for order approvals on various Chemicals and/or Lab-ware orders.

Pain Points

  • Extremely Long End-to- end Cycle Time from the Customer Placing an Order, through the Validation Process, to the order shipment process
  • Typical cycle-time was approximately 3 weeks


The current solution deployed by Princeton Blue eliminated various human-centric tasks, while supplying process automation via:

  • Research and Validation Effort for Agents
  • Internal Denied Party List DB Queries
  • Us Denied Party List DB Queries
  • Web-service Legit Business look-ups via APIs
  • Web-service "Ship To" Address lookups via APIs


  • Highly effective process deployed by Princeton Blue allowed key contributors to focus on their other important daily activities
  • Overall Goal of 3 weeks cycle times were reduced to less than 1 week.

Significantly reduced customer order processing times from 14 days to 1 day by integrating multiple web service APIs into BPM Workflows.

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