October 12, 2012

Simple vs Complex – The Correct Decision!

Congratulations! Your company’s Business Process Management (BPM) initiative is officially underway and off the ground. As you roll-up your sleeves, loosen your tie and wheel your […]
August 15, 2012

Case Management & BPM

There is an ongoing debate about whether Case Management is really BPM or is it completely separate. This is beyond polemics as a company that may […]
July 23, 2012


The whispers are getting louder and the proclamations more brazen… BPMS vendors believe their packages can replace SAP and other ERP systems. Are they right? Lets […]
July 21, 2012

Principles of Lean Six Sigma are Drivers for BPM success (Part 1)

Enterprises have created pockets of automation and process improvement using BPM, Lean Six Sigma and numerous data repositories. All these methodologies, automation and data repositories do […]
December 11, 2011

Process Layers – the Unsung Hero of Process Design

I have seen many a process diagram, one of the things that I have come to realize over the course of the years is just how […]
June 2, 2011

Cloud Security and the Role of Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt

Today’s companies are understandably concerned about securing their systems and their employees’ and customers’ data; unfortunately, however, that concern is slowing the adoption of shared computing […]
January 21, 2011

BPM and SOA Synergy

This is my first installment into the BPM and SOA Synergy topic. There are many resources discussing this topic and one would expect that most important […]
January 14, 2011

Social Business Collaboration

Your customers are talking about your business every day. Do you have provisions for Social Business Collaboration in your process? Are you listening to what they’re saying? They […]
October 21, 2010

Document Management as Process Attachments

Can Document Management can be made easy by Process Attachments? The key point in this solution is that document management can be achieved through procedure. It’s […]
October 18, 2010

Project Debt: Recognize and Mitigate Effects

As typical to most new endeavors, we find ourselves urgently seeking short-term goals and immediate turnaround on investment. Management wishes visibility on progress and what better […]
October 18, 2010

Single Sign On with Centralized Authentication Services

Today’s enterprise environment where multiple user interfacing subsystems are exposed through composite interface solutions like portals, creates the need for integrating these subsystems with existing authentication […]
July 11, 2010

Custom versus Off-The-Shelf

Modifying the Lombardi Teamworks’ Coach brings the project very close to the intersection of two paths. Custom versus Off-The-Shelf software development software development has been at […]
June 26, 2010

Process Modeling or Software Development

Which is the best path for building out new process models? Following the path of least resistance is your best bet in most circumstances for optimized […]
May 29, 2010

IT Transformation, EA, and the Cloud (Part 2)

Let’s refer back to the list we included in the first post in this series on IT Transformation: Define the enterprise architecture – how the systems […]
May 29, 2010

IT Transformation, EA, and the Cloud (Part 1)

What roles does your IT organization play? Is that list of roles aligned with what its list of roles will be in 2015… or even 2013? […]
May 29, 2010

IT Transformation, EA, and the Cloud (Part 3)

In this series on IT Transformation, we’ve talked about the fundamental changes on the horizon for your IT departments, and we’ve talked about why the ability to […]
January 26, 2010

The “Cloud” is a Delivery Model

The “Cloud” is the subject of an unbelievable amount of hype. Pragmatism is seemingly dead in the technology world; it’s been replaced by an endless stream […]
December 7, 2009

Cloud BPM

Many of today’s cutting-edge companies are looking to leverage cloud computing where possible – to build customer-facing apps, CRM apps, Professional Services automation, etc. However, those […]
November 10, 2009

Platform Consolidation

Platform consolidation is a broad topic covering several aspects, but has a focused primary objective – to reduce costs by reuse. The reduction in costs is […]
November 9, 2009

Success with your First BPM Project

So you are all set to start on your first BPM project implementation. You have done your homework, that is to say a Business Value Add […]

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