Pramod Sachdeva, Founder and Managing Director at Princeton Blue gave the following insights in the BPM Tips questionnaire “BPM Skills in 2017 – Hot or Not”.

  • What are the skills and techniques that can help BPM practitioners create value for their organizations in 2017?
  • "You’ll be amazed how many BPM projects don’t go back and measure the actual ROI vs the promised ROI. More often than not, the project team is more focused on delivering the technical challenges and less on quantifying the business value. Business value assessment and process performance measurement skills will help more clients justify the need to grow BPM from a project to an enterprise program."

  • Which skills are no longer relevant or not practically applicable yet (hype)?
  • "One of the features that differentiated iBPMS from its predecessors (BPM and Workflow) was Process Simulation – a capability we hardly see clients use these days. The promise of 100% code-free BPM development is not too far in the future. From a one-click responsive mobile application to low-code development, today’s leading BPM platforms allow non-Computer Science majors to develop quality BPM solutions in weeks."

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