The Year Ahead for BPM — 2017 Predictions from Top Influencers

Pramod Sachdeva, Founder and Managing Director at Princeton Blue gave his BPM 2017 predictions to’s Nathaniel Palmer in “The Year Ahead for BPM -- 2017 Predictions from Top Influencers”.

"The need to digitally transform is high on the priority list of most of our clients, and process improvement is a key component of that transformation. Most clients need to improve process transparency and efficiency in response to ever-changing market conditions and regulatory pressures. Business Process Management along with like Cognitive, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Internet of Things (IoT) will play a key role helping clients with their digital transformation journey."

"Most clients are aware of the evolving cognitive capabilities and have seen a demonstration of this capability. 2017 will bring greater adoption of cognitive platforms to ingest large volumes of data and bring structure to content in natural language form, pdf documents and other unstructured content within the organization and on internet sources like news, blogs, forums, etc. BPM along with Business Rules will enable real-time pattern recognition from this big and unstructured dataset and allow appropriate notification and action."

"Believe it or not, we still live with legacy systems that were developed a long time ago and don’t provide API’s for easy integrations. RPA platforms will enhance connectivity with these legacy systems and help automate the otherwise mundane and repetitive tasks performed by people and reduce the challenges of swivel chair integrations."

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