Our BPM journey began with Lombardi in 2007 and continued with IBM BPM since its 2010 acquisition of Lombardi. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, we help accelerate your adoption of IBM Smarter Process platform in delivering desired business transformation.

Our IBM Smarter Process Solutions

Princeton Blue has built a number of solutions on the IBM Smarter Process platform that help you accelerate your BPM journey and gain higher value from your platform. The IBM BPM Lightning Toolkit as an example accelerates your IBM Business Process Management development projects with out-of-the-box components to build superior user interfaces with ease.

Customer Success

  • Proven Track record of successful IBM BPM / Lombardi implementations since 2008.
  • Driven by business value delivered to customers.
  • Experience of working with IBM Professional Services.
  • Relationship of a Trusted Partner
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Princeton Blue is proud to be an IBM Premier Business Partner

Princeton Blue and IBM Lab Services (ISSW)

Princeton Blue and IBM Lab Services (ISSW) have jointly delivered numerous client engagements. We have helped IBM deliver higher value to its customers globally through the Smarter Process platform. We use IBM’s Smarter Process methodology and have also developed our own extensions where appropriate.

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