Over the years, Princeton Blue has built significant insight into real customer problems. Our experience coupled with our thought leadership has helped us discover innovative ideas that leverage technology to bring business benefits to our clients. This has led to the creation of innovative solutions through the Princeton Blue Innovation Lab. Take advantage of our pre-built solutions to accelerate your BPM, Rules, Cognitive and RPA journey.

Princeton Blue Innovation Lab

The Princeton Blue Innovation Lab is a team of innovative consultants and technologists from Princeton Blue that come together, ideate, and define solutions leveraging futuristic trends in technology. It is a place where we apply our knowledge from real–life customer projects and nurture Intellectual Property that will add significant value to our customers.

Solutions built at the Princeton Blue Innovation Lab demonstrate application of futuristic technologies to real-world customer challenges.

Our Innovation Lab has built practical solutions involving futuristic technologies such as Cognitive Computing, AI, Robotic Process Automation and Cloud Computing, along with BPM and Rules.

Solutions from Princeton Blue Innovation Lab

The currently available solutions from the Princeton Blue Innovation Lab addresses a range of business challenges including Customer Experience, Onboarding, Retention, Business Rules Management, and productivity enhancement through collaboration. Leverage our solutions and gain significant value from your BPM, Rules,Cognitive and RPA technology platforms.

Our Robotic Process Automation Solutions

RPA aims to automate high volume repetitive human tasks by use of a digital workforce – a scalable and reliable army of trained software robots – allowing humans to focus on more value-added work. Princeton Blue has built several solutions combining the power of BPM with RPA.

Our Cognitive Solutions

Our world is awash with unstructured data from sources like customer calls, chat conversations, emails, social media posts, news, photos etc. Cognitive Technology Platforms like IBM Watson leverage AI and natural language processing to analyze this data and detect important customer signals like their sentiment, moods and other trends. Become a cognitive Business using a variety of Cognitive solutions from Princeton Blue which combine this unstructured, analyzed data with structured data from your business operations like CRM, ERP, etc. and gives you the ability to identify Next Best Action for your customers.

Our Solutions on Appian AppMarket

We have built several solutions on the Appian platform to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey. These solutions are Health Check and Cloud Approved and available on the Appian AppMarket.

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