Automated Invoice Processing

Princeton Blue's Automated Invoice Processing solution leverages the power of RPA and BPM to achieve end-to-end automation. Built using Pega Robotic Automation, the solution aims to transform invoice processing by automating manual activities with RPA and workflow automation with BPM. The solution offers to build quick integrations with back-end systems using RPA and leverage BPM for business rules and approvals to achieve seamless process execution with superior efficiency and visibility.

Invoice Processing powered by BPM and RPA

Bringing the Digital and Human Workforce together

Invoice Processing in any organization typically involves a combination of repetitive, mundane tasks, e.g. reading a PDF invoice, maintaining data in an Excel sheet, recording the invoice details in a legacy system, etc., and human activities that need judgement, intelligence, domain knowledge, e.g. invoice approval, conflict resolution, etc. This process often involves business rules that drive multiple levels of approval.

Invoice processing is a perfect example where BPM and RPA bring their synergies together to deliver significant value to the business.

Powered by Pega Robotic Automation

The Automated Invoice Processing is powered by industry leading Pega Robotic Automation capabilities. Apart from RPA, the solution leverages the workflow and business rules capabilities of the Pega 7 platform to deliver complete end-to-end automation.

Key Highlights

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