Using Artificial Intelligence to become your customer service representative

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Conversation Bot, winner of the Favorite Component Award at Appian World 2017, can become your main customer service representative, while allowing your core group of real service representatives to deal with the more difficult requests.

Solution Overview

When filling out applications or forms, often consumers have questions specific to the product that they are applying for. Instead of dedicating tens or hundreds of customer service representatives to answer the same questions over and over, why not let Artificial Intelligence via Conversation Bot address the more commonly asked questions and requests. This will allow your real customer service representatives to focus on the more difficult requests while being able to substantially reduce customer wait times for help requests.

Automate Your Business

The use-case shown below highlights how this framework can be added to a mortgage application to help consumers as they try to figure out what mortgage type makes most sense for their situation. Of course this Conversation Bot functionality may be added to any application or process where end-users may need help making decisions and navigating through forms.

Key Highlights

Use embedded SAIL to add the Conversation Bot functionality to an external webpage
Use natural language to converse freely with the Conversation Bot right from any SAIL form
Based on Conversation Bot's ability to answer questions, allow forking into process flow that allows sending the Appian task to a group of real Customer Service specialists, who can take over the chat with a warm transition
Persist all chat conversations to a database for audit trail purposes as well as running metrics

Conversation Bot in Action

  • conversationbot-1-imbedded-sail-mortgage-app
  • conversationbot-2-access-conversatio-bot
  • conversationbot-3-start-2-access-conversationbot-convo
  • conversationbot-4-access-conversationbot-convo-2
  • conversationbot-5-csr-task
  • conversationbot-6-csr-continue-convo-live
  • conversationbot-7-end-user-convo-with-live-csr
  • conversationbot-8-csr-approval-task-with-convo-history

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