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Intelligent Automation

With BPM, Low-code, RPA, and AI Technologies

Dynamic Case Management

Configure processes at design-time, change them at run-time.

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eBook on Low-code Application Development

Deep dive into what makes Low-code the cutting-edge approach for developing modern enterprise applications

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Intelligent Automation

Leverage one or more technologies such as BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI to achieve Digital Transformation. Discover how Intelligent Automation empowers modern enterprises to gain competitive advantage by delivering superior customer experience and improved operational efficiency.

Pre-built Accelerators​

Pre-built Accelerators from our Innovation Lab available at NO cost to our customers.

Drug Safety

Automate the workflow relating to adverse event signals to ensure effective collaboration, logging and investigation of drug safety issues.

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Automated Label Management

Automate the drug label management workflow to ensure timely collaboration around label changes in the US and globally before submission to the FDA and other health authorities.

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User Access Management

Automate processing of requests to support clinical trial execution using BPM, Low-code and RPA.

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Study Start-up

Automate the workflow and collaboration of the clinical study start-up process allowing for variations in business rules and regulatory requirements across countries.

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Dynamic Emergency Response

Streamline the triage between hospital nurses, doctors and ambulance EMT when a 911 call comes in regarding a medical emergency.

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Success Stories


Automating Label Management

A large Life Sciences company drastically reduced label approval cycle time with Intelligent Automation.

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Improving Customer Experience

See how this leading Life Sciences company improved their previously human-intensive order fulfillment and management process.

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Streamlining Regulatory Compliance

A global bank revamped its process to comply with the committee standards of business acceptance review.

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Get High on Low-code

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BPM and Low-code – Synergies for Success

Business Process Management (BPM) and Low-code application development are two distinct technologies that have gradually evolved to offer a complimentary set of features and capabilities. …

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Five Symptoms That Indicate You Need a Low-code Platform

Ignoring business symptoms can be costly in terms of cost overrun or missed opportunities. Here are five symptoms that indicate your organization needs to consider …

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What is Low-code Application Development?

A detailed primer on Low-code application development that is accelerating the pace of digital transformation like never seen before.

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Automation: Dispelling myths about the Future of Work

The impact of automation on people’s jobs has been both a sensitive and exciting topic going back even to the industrial revolution. Today and the …

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BPM for M&A – The Ideal Tool for a Successful Merger

Recently, one of our clients was acquired by a larger company in the same industry. Like any M&A transaction, it brought about the usual set …

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Princeton Blue’s leadership team comprises a right mix of experienced professionals, thought leaders and practitioners passionate about driving Intelligent Automation through BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI technologies. Our leadership team drives Intelligent Automation implementations to execute successful client stories. We strive to help our clients in delivering improved customer experience and achieve higher operational efficiency.

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