Corporate Social Responsibility

Growth and sustainability are the key operating principles for most businesses. At Princeton Blue it is our constant endeavor to extend this principle and value to the community we operate in. We believe that giving back to the community is not only a necessity, but also our responsibility.

Actions speak louder than words. We at Princeton Blue want to contribute to the society not just monetarily, but by making a visible difference. Our aim is to identify a cause, participate as a team, and deliver consistently. Our goal here is to be associated with a smaller trust or NGO, which typically needs the most amount of attention, support, and participation. After a great amount of study, we zeroed down on Touching Lives, based out of Dahisar, Mumbai, India.

Princeton Blue and Touching Lives

Touching Lives is a non-profit organization, founded in 2003, focusing on Education, Empowerment, and Enlightenment of children living in slums of Mumbai. These are children who do not get the privilege of quality education and living conditions. Touching lives is a unanimous partner for a few reasons; they have a clear goal and focus area, they work with groups that need the most attention – Children, the torch-bearers of a brighter India. Touching Lives gives us an opportunity to participate in spreading the wings of education, which is more of a right rather than a privilege.

Touching Lives runs independent learning centers, and focuses on children aged 5-21 years. They also support NGOs and schools in rural and urban areas through teacher training and mentoring programs. Their vision of making every child an Independent Learner is a great motivation for us to be associated with them, encouraging us to put in our best efforts towards education.

We run a ‘Computer Literacy’ program for children on our weekly off days, and each employee gets to visit the learning center on a regular basis. The evident enthusiasm and cheer by the participating children boosts our momentum and drive us to go the extra mile.

As a team effort, this is just the beginning, there’s more to come soon.

Trusts and NGOs looking forward to work with Princeton Blue can write to us at [email protected].

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