The Automated Label Management accelerator leverages Robotic Process Automation platform combined with the process orchestration and exception handling capabilities of BPM to automate Label Management from end-to-end. While BPM coordinates the overall Label Management business process including approvals and exception handling, the robot performs mundane tasks like searching SharePoint, downloading and reading PDF files, extracting critical paragraphs and data, updating Excel sheets, etc.

Create your own Label Management solution using this accelerator.

Automated Label Management powered by BPM, Low-code and RPA

Bringing the Digital and Human Workforce together

Despite all the innovations in automation, a core Life Sciences business process — Label Management — is burdened with many human tasks and activities. A combination of humans, robots and systems can significantly automate this business process that includes:

  • Triggering of Label Change processes
  • Approval of Core Safety Information documents
  • Searching, Downloading and Reading documents from DMS
  • Tracking of activities by individual countries that are involved
  • Tracking of Artwork using an automated robot

The Digital Workforce in Label Management

In the Label Management accelerator, while the regulatory documentations are created and approved, a robot triggers the Artwork tracking process by looking up SharePoint, downloading PDF files, reading them and creating a tracker in Excel. The robot updates the tracking reference back to the main Label management process. By handing over these routine and mundane tasks to robots, the human workforce can focus on more value adding activities for the business.

Key Highlights

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