Most organizations interact with their customers across a variety of channels such as phone calls, emails, online chat, social media, etc. A goldmine of customer information is available for harvesting through all these interactions. How can you identify customer signals through this vast amount of unstructured data?

The Cognitive Customer Service solution understands topics and emotions from call center voice conversations, emails and chats to know the customer’s perception of a brand and proactively drive the next best action, e.g., issue escalation, upsell, brand ambassador, etc.

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Become a Cognitive Business

Customer insight gathered from unstructured data can lead to new business opportunities, improved customer satisfaction, a better level of customer interactions and a greater competitive edge in the industry. Stay a step ahead of your competitors by becoming a Cognitive Business.

With the Cognitive Customer Service (CCS) solution, you can benefit from the combined capabilities of BPM and AI. AI enables identification of customer behavior patterns for real-time, actionable insights. BPM brings together operations metrics and cognitive signals into a workflow for real-time analysis and pro-active follow-up.

Become a Cognitive Business-v2

Solution Overview

The Cognitive Customer Service solution brings together the power of analyzing unstructured data from business operations, cognitive computing and business process management to create actionable customer insight. All the information is collated into the CCS Dashboard which acts as the single interface for all interactions with the customer.


Key Highlights

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