The Investigational New Drug (IND) Product Registration accelerator enables users to complete all required web-form documentation and generate the final PDF bundle of that documentation for submission to relevant health authorities.

Create your own IND Product Registration solution using this accelerator.

A highly efficient BPM accelerator for product registration process

Life Sciences products must be registered with the authorized Life Sciences board before they can be sold, offered for sale, distributed or possessed for sale, distribution or other use.

The IND Product Registration accelerator addresses the generation of form 1571 for the registration of a new drug application. A new drug application is created which generates form 1571 with additional content that is selected during the application process and bundled together to send over to the FDA as a product for registering the drug under FDA law.

Also, the BPM accelerator for product registration also addresses actions that can be taken on a particular registration that was already submitted to FDA.


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