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Performing a Product FIT Analysis

When an organization is evaluating a product(s), we often listen to some of the terms like “FIT analysis” or “product FIT rating”. Many organizations preferring to do “FIT analysis” of the product than a “risk analysis”. Let’s understand the difference between these two before getting deeper into the topics. Understanding FIT Analysis An architecture risk …

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BPM Core Competencies

Hashtag time… #BigData. #Mobile. #Social. #Rules. #HistoricalReporting. #PredictiveAnalytics. #ComplexEventProcessing. #Portals. #Solutions. #InternetOfThings. Some of the hashtags above are trending, and some were either trending long ago or long before Twitter, Google+, or Facebook came into existence. Regardless, all of them have their respective places in today’s modern enterprise, and all of them can be valuable …

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BPM and the Discipline of Execution

As BPM practitioners we often hear of a high level of failed initiatives among the organizations that took a continuous process improvement path. This perceived lack of success is observed in the outright failure to implement BPMS (Business Process Management System) projects and/or institute a BPM practice as part of the organizational transformation efforts. Many …

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