Danny Leo

Danny Leo is an Appian Practice Leader at Princeton Blue.

getUXperienced part 2 v4

getUXperienced! – part 2

Leverage Wizards as a Design Pattern In part two of my series, entitled “getUXperienced!”, I will dive head first into UX design principles that we use in designing our award-winning Business Process Management (BPM) and Rules-based Digital Transformation solutions. Before we get into the “goodies” – just a little note about me – I’ll keep […]

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getUXperienced part 1 v4

getUXperienced! – part 1

Leverage Negative Space (White Space) Effectively There is an old design theory called “horror vacui”; which literally translated, is Latin for a fear of emptiness. hor-ror va-cui a fear or dislike of leaving empty spaces, especially in an artistic composition.” Steve Jobs got that. And, RAN the total opposite direction! As you should too. He

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Low Code Features and Low Code Mindset = Happy Customers

Let’s move past “drag-and-drop” and start talking about low-code application development more holistically. Low code features such as drag and drop is great, but to truly build and deploy enterprise-ready applications quickly, low-code becomes as much about instant playback functionality, automated testing, debugging, compiling, and deployment, as it does about the ability to quickly make

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The Appian AppMarket A BPM Game Changer blog feature v1

The Appian AppMarket – A BPM Game Changer

When Appian AppMarket was unveiled the public on October 5th, 2015 it was indeed a game changer within the BPM industry! “The Appian Platform offers the fastest time-to-solution for the creation and delivery of innovative enterprise applications that integrate enterprise data, process management, native mobility, social collaboration and portable cloud/on-premise hosting. The applications available on the

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Integrating with Appian 7.9

Appian World 2015 was the best Appian World to date. As I just wrote that sentence, I chuckled to myself, because I utter that statement each and every year, right around this time! It is always great catching-up with clients, colleagues, and our partner, Appian over dinners, cocktails and events; while discussing anything and everything

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