Michael James

Michael James is a Consultant at Princeton Blue.


BPM and Smart Devices

We love smart devices powered by BPM (…and you should too!) As technology continues to expand into our lives, becoming more integrated into the world around us, the need to understand and be able to react intelligently to smart devices is increasingly critical to enterprise success. The gap between IT systems and your physical operation

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World-Class RIM – Module 1: Data Governance

As the pharmaceutical industry increasingly finds itself adapting to changes in competitive and regulatory pressures, the need for an efficient and accurate Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solution continues to rise. Combining the ability to consolidate regulatory metadata from across the organization with features to manage, track, and report – a good RIM solution brings business efficiency

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Work Layers

Like most companies, you have collected, bought, and built a whole host of applications. Some are new and some are quite old, each with a specific purpose. You may wish that you could upgrade, retire, or refresh them, but together they contain the information that makes your business tick. You rely on the skill of

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