BPM Executive Summit 2015 Recap

December 3-4, 2015

The holidays feel like a distant memory. It seems so much has happened in the first 2 months of 2015 including a number of crazy winter storms (for those of us in the northeast). Hopefully the worst of this winter’s weather is behind us and we can navigate to spring quickly.

I’m glad that everyone found the BPM Executive Summit 2015 valuable, and as you requested, we are beginning the interim BPM Community Summits hosted by our customers. You will shortly receive an email about the first Community Summit and we look forward to your participation.

Here are some key metrics from the BPM Executive Summit:

  • Overall Participant Satisfaction score 9.6 (out of 10)
  • Will you attend next year? 100% of the attendees confirmed that they plan to attend again in 2015.

Both these metrics are humbling for us. Nothing makes us feel better than to know that our customers got a lot value from the discussions and you’d all want to attend these events regularly.

Here is the attendee feedback:

  • “An excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and challenges of BPM while understanding industry trends.”
  • “Knowing what peers are doing and learning from them is always interesting and exciting!”
  • “Princeton Blue provides clear and valuable thought leadership.”
  • “A very unique opportunity to discuss challenges and trends with my peers and industry experts in the BPM space.”
  • “Great forum for sharing frameworks and ideas with like-minded colleagues. Really beneficial to spend a day and a half with people who “get it” and are committed to promoting the thinking forward.”
  • “Very informative and though provoking experience! Ability to spend time having content rich discussions with other folks from other companies was an enriching experience.”
  • “The value of this group is the participants – the open discussions, the passionate arguing, just being able to discuss common experience with incredibly intelligent colleagues – fantastic!”
  • “Excellent opportunity to hear about real life problems with BPM implementation.”
  • “Clay’s and Prof. zur Muehlen’s perspectives were invaluable. Would be great to have representatives from highly mature organizations in which their process efficiency is their competitive advantage. Would love to ask them how they achieved that.”

We look forward to seeing you at BPM Executive Summit 2015 (likely in September/October 2015). Stand by for a confirmed date soon. Follow Princeton Blue on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+ to get focused BPM-specific updates.

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