BPM and Smart Devices

We love smart devices powered by BPM (…and you should too!)

As technology continues to expand into our lives, becoming more integrated into the world around us, the need to understand and be able to react intelligently to smart devices is increasingly critical to enterprise success. The gap between IT systems and your physical operation is rapidly collapsing as smart devices create a network of touchpoints that no longer rely on keyboards and screens, but monitor the environment in real time through integrated sensors.

This is a door to a vast, untapped data resource, that can increase response time, guide better decision making, and improve overall business intelligence.

The New Sensor Driven Data Architecture

If we attempt to really boil down and simplify the data architecture of a company that has adopted BPM we have our employees and customers interacting with a process layer on their various devices. This process layer orchestrates workflows between users allowing them to make decisions, manage, and create new data.


A constraint of this paradigm is that all ‘new’ information about the world has to be created or initiated by a person. We can leverage BPM in many ways to make this easier but ultimately this system cannot automatically generate brand new source content or data points without some input from a user.

Now, if we take this paradigm and expand it to include sensors from smart devices that can monitor real-world data, we start to evolve the boundaries of our business and operational data. The system can now monitor real-time data from the “things” that business relies on. This data creates a novel set of parameters that can be utilized to improve overall performance.


Smart Process for Smart Data

Like all business data, data from smart devices is only as useful as your ability to use it. This is where Business Process Management fits in. Building smart processes that can intelligently make sense of real world sensor information is pivotal in the transition to realizing the gains in this new frontier.

This comes down to good process design and a clear understanding of how this new layer of information fits into, and drives, your business processes. Working with technology partners to translate the measurement and levels of your smart data into
workflow gateways and rules will ensure that your business reacts as quickly as possible to changes in your physical operations. Facilitating the end-to- end interconnectivity of smart devices to smart processes, you create new links, a new
insight, and nimble responses to an ever changing world.

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