A clinical research organization partnered up with Princeton Blue through Appian endorsed AdoptNOW initiative. The goal was to improve and optimize the RFP process across-the- board. Princeton Blue’s advisors and consultants redefined the whole RFP process by using technology at strategic milestones.

Business Need

Clinical Research needed to improve the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for outsourcing clinical trials, from RFP development to contract execution. The key objectives included process standardization, improved control, visibility, and creating a foundation for future improvements.
  • Manual and paper-based
  • No visibility and tedious process

The current solution deployed by Princeton Blue focused on the following aspects:

  • Creation of new and improved Clinical Trials outsourcing process
  • Draft RFP and release to selected vendors
  • Easy cost estimation and comparison of vendors
  • Real-time vendor queries and publish clarifications
  • Stabilization and standardization of RFP process
  • Improved vendor communication and correspondence
  • Reduced total cycle time
  • Improved visibility allows for better resource planning status of Clinical Trial Outsourcing

End-to-end RFP process using BPM Forms and Workflows ensured more accurate bids by providing vendors the ability to review requirements, ask questions and get clarifications in real time.

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