This global Retail eCommerce giant needed a solution developed to manage employee travel request and approval process and related-business process. Princeton Blue swiftly developed a solution to tackle this business vulnerability easily.

Business Need

As a result of its employees’ travel practices, this global Retail eCommerce giant risked creating “nexus” – or a taxable presence – in several states, which would result in sales tax for its customers’ online purchases.
  • Inability to grow and retain online tax-exempt status for as long as possible
  • Inadvertent tax nexus can easily drive customers to the competition
  • Finding out about a tax nexus after the fact is too late

The current solution deployed by Princeton Blue focuses on the following aspects:

  • Managing the executives travel activity across each state
  • Pro-active predictionof a tax nexus before it is created
  • Avoid tax nexus by automating the employee travel request and approval process
  • Executive dashboard provides real-time view of tax nexus risk
  • Avoided unnecessary sales tax liability for the company and its customers
  • Improved competitiveness of company’s products and overall pricing
  • Ensured company’s accelerated growth
  • Allowed company to take maximum advantage of tax-free commerce on the internet

BPM Reports and Workflows implementation proactively predicts a tax nexus before it is created thus avoiding unnecessary sales tax liability and ensuring accelerated growth.

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