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BPM and Low-code – Synergies for Success

Business Process Management (BPM) and Low-code application development are two distinct technologies that have gradually evolved to offer a complimentary set of features and capabilities. While some features are common among BPM and Low-code, both technologies have their own distinct offerings. Some technology vendors offer BPM and Low-code in a single platform. This allows the […]

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Get High on Low-code

Few weeks back at a college re-union of sorts, I met an old friend, Prashant, who is now a General Manager at a large 100-year-old brick and mortar company. While we had kept in touch occasionally, it was during that evening we could catch-up on a variety of topics including the good old college days,

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getUXperienced part 2 v4

getUXperienced! – part 2

Leverage Wizards as a Design Pattern In part two of my series, entitled “getUXperienced!”, I will dive head first into UX design principles that we use in designing our award-winning Business Process Management (BPM) and Rules-based Digital Transformation solutions. Before we get into the “goodies” – just a little note about me – I’ll keep

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getUXperienced part 1 v4

getUXperienced! – part 1

Leverage Negative Space (White Space) Effectively There is an old design theory called “horror vacui”; which literally translated, is Latin for a fear of emptiness. hor-ror va-cui a fear or dislike of leaving empty spaces, especially in an artistic composition.” Steve Jobs got that. And, RAN the total opposite direction! As you should too. He

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Making Smart Decisions in Appian

Ever faced this dilemma before? The business walks through their manual processes and describes their decision points within those manual processes. The translation of these decision points into business rules by technologists can often lead to misunderstandings. In addition, the business may find that their rules need to be tweaked based on process improvements made

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BPM and Smart Devices

We love smart devices powered by BPM (…and you should too!) As technology continues to expand into our lives, becoming more integrated into the world around us, the need to understand and be able to react intelligently to smart devices is increasingly critical to enterprise success. The gap between IT systems and your physical operation

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