Gain expert guidance from the Industry’s most respected Thought Leaders during the BPM and Case Management Global Summit

Event Overview

The BPM and Case Management Global Summit features a unique event format that delivers expert guidance from the industry’s most trusted and respected thought leaders, combined with live capability demonstrations of actual solutions from an invite-only set of leading BPM, Case Management and Decision Management vendors.

Now in its 3rd year, the BPM and Case Management Global Summit is the only event of its kind, designed by a team of leading analysts to ensure program success and effective decision making for BPM and Case Management initiatives.

Keynote Presenters

The BPM and Case Management Global Summit is focused on providing actionable advice for adapting business processes and work practices to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of knowledge work. The program features over 50 sessions and workshops by top industry experts including Forrester Research analyst Clay Richardson, BPM guru Bruce Silver, FCB Partners Co-Founder Steve Stanton, Chief Architect Lloyd Dugan, BPM Thought Leader and Evangelist Nathaniel Palmer and Founder of Princeton Blue Pramod Sachdeva. Don’t miss the Keynote Addresses by industry thought leaders. Details of Keynote Addresses are provided below.


Clay Richardson

Principal Analyst Forrester Research, Inc

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G1 Palmer

Nathaniel Palmer

BPM Thought Leader and Evangelist

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Steven Stanton

FCB Partners

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June 27-29, 2016

The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC

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Lloyd Dugan

This session will provide attendees with actionable knowledge and understanding about case management, and about how to approach case management automation projects. Topics include understanding the discipline and relationship between BPM and Case Management, recognizing the relationship between Case Management and Business Architecture, as well as Case Management Modeling using CMMN.

Steven Stanton

Why do organizations full of intelligent people do so many stupid things? Why do organizations continue to launch process improvement projects when their success rate is 25%? Why do they have so many ineffective measures? Why do process standards consistently fail and the local triumph over the enterprise? Why is success so hard to sustain? Steven will attempt to answer all of these questions with a revolutionary new organizational approach that emphasizes insight over motion, and reflection over reflex.

Nathaniel Palmer

This fast-paced and informative session will illustrate how digital disruption is changing business and creating unprecedented new opportunities – and what you need to do to be a disruptor rather than disrupted. Beyond the hype, this session will clearly articulate not the wave of change facing every business today, but how Adaptive Case Management can fundamentally transform the way we connect with customers, bring products to market, and manage operations.

Clay Richardson

Clay serves Enterprise Architecture Professionals and is a leading expert on business process management (BPM) software, services, and methodologies. Clay delivers strategic guidance to professionals seeking to improve collaborative and operational business processes. Clay specifically helps enterprises establish BPM strategies, governance standards, and BPM centers of excellence; identify Agile and Lean methodologies best suited for BPM projects; and establish vendors and technologies that help automate and optimize mission-critical business processes. Read Clay’s Full Bio

Pramod Sachdeva

See a working demo of how Cognitive Computing and AI can be leveraged to “sense” customer events by listening for signals across social media and other unstructured data streams, combined with BPM, BRM and CEP to enable immediate informed actions. Using Watson technology, the demo presents a universal and agnostic pattern for incorporating AI with BPM for transforming consumer-centric processes.