BPM Community Summit 2015

Event Overview

Based on the positive feedback from last year’s BPM Executive Summit, we are pleased to announce first quarterly BPM Community Summit. Our Customers asked for more than one event every year, so that they do not have to wait for a full year. So we plan to have two BPM Community Summits in Q1 and Q2 prior to the annual BPM Executive Summit in Sep/Oct 2015. This is a forum for the BPM Community to share their BPM and Rules journey and learn from others’ experiences. This exclusive, by-invitation only, event is offered to our valued customers and a few special guests.

Event Agenda

1pm2pmUsing Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) to manage business rules across lines of business
2pm3pmHow different tools/platforms can and should work together (EA, BPA, BPMS, ECM)?
3pm3:30pmNetworking Break
3:30pm4:30pmWhat is BPM Strategy?  Moderated by Tom Dwyer, Director, BPM Strategy
4:30pm5:30pmPracticing Enterprise BPM
6pm7pmHappy Hour (nearby)

Using Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) to manage business rules across lines of business

It’s not business rules per se that make a company act smarter; it’s enabling better decisions that makes the company act smarter. Rules and rule management are simply a means to that end. How can EDM be used to better manage business rules across lines of business?

How different tools/platforms can and should work together (EA, BPA, BPMS, ECM)?

How can an enterprise overcome the inevitable infrastructure stovepipes when each infrastructure is developed/deployed independently from the other? What are the challenges enterprises must overcome and how can they overcome them?

What is BPM Strategy?

What nine practice areas comprise BPM? What are the core skills that comprise BPM? What approaches exist for developing a roadmap to introduce BPM across an entire enterprise? What does it mean to “manage by process”? How can you deeply embed BPM into the company culture?

Practicing Enterprise BPM

Transitioning from a single process automation project based on a BPMS to an enterprise program: either implementing many BPMS-based applications or practicing BPM as a management discipline. Areas to consider include establishing a BPM Competency Center, creating a Business Process Architecture, scaling the BPMS-application and process-to-process collaboration.

About Tom Dwyer

Tom Dwyer, CBPMP, is the Director, BPM Strategy at Princeton Blue. Tom has 43 years of experience in Information Technology, which includes 25 years experience in BPM professional services, BPMS software product development and marketing, channel development and expansion, and direct and OEM sales. Tom spent 10 of those 25 years as an industry analyst with Aberdeen Group and Yankee Group following all middleware technologies and methodologies including BPM. Additionally, he co-founded the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC). Tom also holds the position of Editorial Director of BPMInstitute.org and is the author of the Certified Business Process Management Professional (CBPMP) program, which a globally recognized BPM Certification.

Our sincere thanks to our valued customer for hosting the first BPM Community Summit at their downtown Manhattan office location. We hope the participants will enjoy an afternoon with the BPM Community, share and learn from each other’s BPM and Rules experiences. The event will be followed by a happy hour nearby from 6pm to 7pm.

This event is restricted to BPM and Rules customers only. Have us Contact you if you are interested in joining this community driven BPM/Rules summit.

Share, Learn and Network with your Peers

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Downtown Manhattan (near World Trade Center) New York

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