We are excited to be a Sponsor at DIA 2020 Global Annual Meeting. In this year’s virtual edition of DIA Global, we will showcase Life Sciences accelerators developed by our Innovation Lab. Learn how you can transform your core processes like Drug Safety, Label Management, User Access Management and Study Start-up using the latest in Intelligent Automation technologies such as BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI. Connect with us at our Virtual Booth and share ideas about how you can kick-start your Intelligent Automation journey.

Explore Pre-built Accelerators

Leverage the following Accelerators to kick-start your Intelligent Automation journey

Build FREE Proof of Concepts

Do you know that you can use our Innovation Lab to build your Proof of Concepts at absolutely NO cost? Test your ideas quickly before you invest in Intelligent Automation technologies such as BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI. Brainstorm with our team of experts and see what works the best for you. This is a very popular service
from the Princeton Blue Innovation Lab and many of our clients vouch for it. Learn more >

Leverage Dynamic Case Management

Most organizations need business processes that can be configured at runtime as opposed to the rigidity of a traditional BPM process automation. We refer to this capability as Dynamic Case Management (DCM). DCM provides configurable and dynamic workflow, improves timeliness and compliance, and allows for real-time collaboration among the stakeholders. You will see Dynamic Case Management in action in the Drug Safety accelerator demo. Learn more about DCM >

Join us at DIA 2020

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