Professional Lending Services

Vertical: Banking
Business Area: Professional Lending Services

This leading bank aimed to foster growth in their professional lending services by minimizing manual process in the on-boarding process. Princeton Blue helped the client tackle these issues by leveraging Appian Forms and web services to minimize turnaround time and makes optimized and well-informed lending decision.

Business Need

The goal for this financial client was to quickly rollout and grow its professional lending services in a way that would provide the greatest amount of flexibility while providing a foundation for continuous improvement of the process.

Pain Points

  • Manual on-boarding and underwriting of loans
  • Manual paper process to manage investment programs
  • Limited flexibility between investment firms and programs


The current solution implemented by Princeton Blue focused on the following key aspects:

  • Paper-free Appian Forms - application information captured as process data
  • Leveraged web services to access borrower credit reports for process-optimization
  • Strategically customized Credit Memo creation and analysis for optimal lending decision


  • Streamlined lending decisions strategically aligned with lending programs
  • Increased collaboration as lending decisions are now made with a quick-turnarounds
  • Easy documentation management via smooth hand-off's and on-time review and approvals of the documents

Maximised the performance, flexibility and visibility in the lending process by leveraging BPM Records.

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