Low-code Application Development

Every organization strives to speed up application and innovation delivery amidst ever changing needs of the business. The need of the day is to build rich, modern and mobile enabled apps quickly, with minimal cost, integrated with back-end applications while still providing enterprise grade security and scalability. Welcome to the world of Low-code Application Development platforms.

At Princeton Blue, our industry recognized thought leadership and strong capabilities on Low-code platforms have resulted in great apps, smarter processes and faster innovation for our customers.

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What is Low-code?

Low-code is an approach where apps are built rapidly with almost no code using a low-code application development platform. The platform enables the creation of modern applications with rich and responsive user interface, using visual, declarative techniques instead of writing code. These applications are typically built quickly, at significantly lower costs and with minimal training. Here are some key features of the Low-code platform that enable this capability:

Visual Modelling of Logic

Developers can model business processes and logic instead of hard-wiring them in code


Visual Modelling of Data

Data is modelled and managed using rich tools as opposed to writing custom queries and scripts


Easy Integrations

Out-of-the-box connectivity and integrations with popular cloud and on-premise applications and services


One-click Deployment

Packaging and deployment of apps across platforms on-premise or on the cloud


Drag-and-Drop tools for Modern User Interfaces

Easy assembly of mobile enabled, rich and modern user interfaces without the need to write code


Enterprise Grade Security

Apps and the data are highly secured using industry standards for security and access control


Why choose the Low-code approach?

Organizations need to respond quickly to changing customer or industry requirements. This could mean accelerating operations, automating processes or creating new streams of revenue. The Low-code approach empowers businesses with tools to build, test and deploy new applications rapidly.

Low-code is fast

Low-code helps you go from idea to app quickly and achieve more with minimal or no coding. Developers can however add more functionality with custom code

Low-code is secure

Low-code platforms provide user controls, data controls, industrial grade security and much more without the need for custom code, enabling organizations to build enterprise apps quickly

Low-code is economical

Building apps with Low-code requires minimal investment. Apps are built, deployed, scaled and fixed faster, reducing time and resources required for a project

Low-code drives automation

Build end-to-end automation with business process management and robotic process automation capabilities now available in most Low-code platforms

Low-code apps are easily scalable

Drag and drop, point and click and instantly customizable solutions make developing apps, fixing bugs and adding new features in enterprise apps easy and fast.

eBook on Low-code Application Development

Deep dive into what makes Low-code the cutting-edge approach for developing modern enterprise applications.


Our Low-code Accelerators

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At Princeton Blue, our mission is to help you innovate in your Digital Automation journey. With exclusive focus on BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI, we have partnered with our customers in driving process excellence and innovation for over a decade.



Transform your idea into an app

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