Low Code Apps That Won’t Scare Your IT Department

As the need for new IT solutions that can quickly add business value continues to surge, IT organizations can sometimes struggle to meet demand. This gap is encouraging a growing number of business users to look at low code apps and platforms that enable citizen developers to self-service their own needs.

This expanding low code space is a great windfall for companies looking to accelerate digital transformation, as it fosters a collaborative partnership between business and IT while enabling those closest to the issues the power to solve them quickly and without the need for an army of supporting IT personal.

However, the pace of development and the wide variety in the quality that these solutions deliver can threaten some core, underlying tenants of a robust and sustainable enterprise IT architecture. With business users at the helm, IT departments may fear that data quality and security is at risk. This is where low code apps come in.

Enter Low code apps

Low code apps built using an enterprise low code platform helps manage this challenge, allows the experts in enterprise IT to maintain control over the foundational elements of security, data, and integrations – while still granting your business a user-friendly application canvas to build quickly. Companies are increasingly looking to low code application development an application framework to quickly roll out apps.

Products, like Appian, are created with end users in mind. They offer a great range of simple building blocks that can be assembled by users with little development background to create robust forms, workflows, and applications. Also, since all your enterprise low code apps will be built on the same platform, you gain additional benefit from the sharing of data between business units and the creation of reusable design constructs.

From an IT perspective having a single low code platform allows for greater control over which data sources are connected, which systems are integrated and how, and in general creates a foundation that can be governed to fit the organization’s security and data integrity needs without the slowing pace of your citizen developers down.

Approaching low code as another tool in the IT ecosystem can address some of the concerns around how to enable citizen developers to build low code apps in a controlled and secure manner.

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