Discover best practices and knowledge resources on the technologies that combine to provide Low-code Process Automation. We’ve curated the latest industry trends on Low-code, BPM, Case Management and RPA to help you explore the opportunities and challenges in this sector. Read the latest thought leadership from Princeton Blue.


Read the latest thought leadership from Princeton Blue.

Business Process Management

Fuel Your Transformation with Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM: Important as Ever A business is run by the virtue of its business processes. Every business strives for excellence – whether that is excellent …

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Robotic Process Automation

Automation: Dispelling myths about the Future of Work

The impact of automation on people’s jobs has been both a sensitive and exciting topic going back even to the industrial revolution. Today and the …

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Business Process Management

BPM for M&A – The Ideal Tool for a Successful Merger

Recently, one of our clients was acquired by a larger company in the same industry. Like any M&A transaction, it brought about the usual set …

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Five Symptoms That Indicate You Need a Low-code Platform

Ignoring business symptoms can be costly in terms of cost overrun or missed opportunities. Here are five symptoms that indicate your organization needs to consider …

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Business Process Management

BPM and Low-code – Synergies for Success

Business Process Management (BPM) and Low-code application development are two distinct technologies that have gradually evolved to offer a complimentary set of features and capabilities. …

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Business Process Management

Looking Beyond Basics: 5 Differentiators for Choosing the Right BPM Implementation Partner

This post would not have happened if I had not stopped for a cup of coffee at a newly opened coffee shop near my home. …

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Industry Articles

Read about the latest trends in BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI.


How businesses are adapting to the disruption of artificial intelligence

The confluence of ML, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and customer facing bots on powerful cloud platforms have brought in the smart age where AI …

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Learn which low-code techniques fit which projects

There’s an ideal time and purpose for Lowcode and Nocode development tools. Learn about the use cases for these modern application development platforms.

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Low-code could lead to improved job satisfaction for IT developers

According to a survey, IT developers believe Low-code technologies can help improve the worst aspects of their jobs while simultaneously supporting IT business goals for …

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Discover solutions to specific business challenges.


BPM: Chess vs. Checkers

BPM and other enterprise solutions have similar overlapping feature-sets. Business relies upon IT systems to perform many of its tasks. While many times systems don’t really do what the business wants them to do, it is what they have to live with, and because they lack the necessary technical skills to change the system to meet their needs, they are forced into live with the structure in place. But what if the rules were to change? What if we made technical system definitions available in a format that the business can understand and change?

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Appian World 2020

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Combining Robotic Process Automation and BPM to orchestrate your human and digital workforce

In this webinar, Pramod Sachdeva, Founder and Managing Director at Princeton Blue will walk you thru the complementary capabilities of RPA and BPM and how they come together to almost fully automate back-office business processes. We will use Invoice Processing as an example to demonstrate a live solution that leverages RPA and BPM to automate manual invoice processing activities.

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Case Studies

See how our clients have benefitted from Intelligent Automation.


User Access Management for Clinical Trials

Combined Low-code, BPM and RPA to automate processing of access requests.

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eCommerce Portal

BPM Reports and Workflows implementation proactively predicts a tax nexus before it is created thus avoiding unnecessary sales tax liability and ensuring accelerated growth.

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Reporting and Messaging Tool

Published 100+ Advisory Messages monthly to the RSS Feeds and Corporate Website and provided hourly updates to production forecasts in real-time using BPM Forms and Integrations.

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eBook on Low-code Application Development

Deep dive into what makes Low-code the cutting-edge approach for developing modern enterprise applications.

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