The Decision Table Rules

Good decisions make great Business Processes. Good decision making requires robust business rules that drive those decisions. From a BPM Solution perspective, Decision Table Rules are even more important. A decision table rule accepts a number of input parameters, applies certain logical conditions to those parameters and produces a result.

A sample Decision Table Rule is shown below.

Engine Objectives

More often, business rules are embedded into expressions, scripts and code written by developers. Business users have a limited ability to make changes on the fly to existing rules, let alone define new rules themselves. As the decision table grows, the technical script written to implement it grows even more complex. It is a huge effort to maintain such complex scripts and make changes quickly to meet the rapidly changed needs of the business. If a rule does not behave as per expected, it is a painful process to pin-point what went wrong and why.

With all these challenges, defining new rules and maintaining existing rules is a time consuming process and often error-prone. This hampers the agility of business to respond quickly to changes in the market and competitive landscape.

Business Friendly User Experience

Princeton Blue has developed a Rule Engine for Appian customers to provide a business friendly user experience allowing business to create and maintain decision table rules. It's a simple Appian bolt-on that offers business users the ability to define, test, modify and analyze decision table rules through a simple, intuitive and mobile enabled User Interface built using latest SAIL features of Appian.

Key Highlights

Princeton Blue’s Decision Table Rules Engine is easy to install, simple to configure, fully integrated with Appian, leverages the latest SAIL capability and provides an open architecture for 3rd party applications to access the rules:

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