Successful Digital Transformation is a Process

Webinar Overview

Digital Transformation is far more than a buzzword; it is a business imperative. Those that do not transform will fail. The challenge is the depth and complexity of the change required.

The road is littered with broken down efforts that have focused exclusively on technology. Success requires shifting to a new business strategy, organizational change management and alignment, governance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment and a carefully curated and governed software strategy backed by strong technical skills.

The path to Intelligent Automation will require multiple technologies including Digital Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation, low-code development and the pragmatic application of AI. Few organizations have the resources to address this level of complexity.

In this webinar, learn how to prepare your organization for this critical shift.

Speaker Profile

Pramod Sachdeva is the Founder and Managing Director at Princeton Blue. Pramod has been an evangelist for Intelligent Automation using BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI technologies since he founded Princeton Blue 12 years ago. With over 30 years of business and technology consulting experience, Pramod brings tremendous knowledge to help clients navigate their digital transformation journey towards the ultimate goal of improving customer experience and operational efficiency. Princeton Blue is recognized by leading industry analysts as a thought leader in delivering intelligent automation solutions.

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