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The era of Cognitive Business is here. Organizations need to look beyond conventional automation of end-to-end business processes using workflow tools. Over the past decade, we have used Business Process to seamlessly integrate customers, employees and internal systems (CRM, ERP, etc.). Now imagine, if you can tap into the gold mine of the massive unstructured data that dominates today’s data universe and leverage actionable signals from this data within your Business Process. This unstructured data lives within your organization in the form of emails, chats and call center conversations and outside your organization on blogs, forums and social media.

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Cognitive Computing powered by Artificial Intelligence makes this possible. Artificial Intelligence as a technology has been researched for decades and is finally becoming available at an affordable price point, and is playing a significant role in this modern era of Digital Automation.

The Changing DNA of Data

The nature of the data created in today’s world itself has changed significantly in the last decade. The technologies and processes that supports organizations also need to adapt to this changing DNA of the Data. Our Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services are equipped to help you on this journey.

According to a recent study:
  • 90% of the world’s data got created in the last 2 years
  • 80% of this data is unstructured - voice, video, documents, emails, chats, news, blogs, forums, social media, etc.
  • The percentage of unstructured data is increasing while the percentage of structured data continues to decrease
  • Most of this unstructured data is available in the public domain
  • More and more valuable customer insight can now be gained from this publicly available unstructured data

What is Cognitive Computing?

Cognitive Computing represents a set of new-age services, built using state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics and backed by massive computing power. Our Cognitive Computing consulting services enable you to analyze unstructured data and use the signals to empower better and faster decision making within your organization.

Cognitive Computing Technologies

Over the last 2 years, we’ve evaluated a number of cognitive technologies, commercial and open source. While open source cognitive computing services are free, they not easy to train and don’t always produce the desired results.

At Princeton Blue, we've partnered with leading Artificial Intelligence platform providers to provide the following services and more:

  • Sentiment and Tone Analysis
  • Speech-to-text Conversion and vice-versa
  • Language Translation
  • Natural Language Classification
  • Automated Chats
  • Personality Insight
  • And many more…

Want to become a Cognitive Business?

Unstructured data is packed with customer tone, sentiment and how they feel about your products, services and brand. How can you mine these signals to diffuse escalating situations, target relevant promotions and improve customer loyalty and retention? Here are some possible areas where Cognitive Computing can help.

Intercept Escalating Situations

Understand customer frustrations across multiple channels as it happens in real-time and pro-actively intercept to diffuse the situation and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Voice of the Customer

Customer sentiment, tone and emotion mined from call center conversations, emails and chats can help you understand how customers feel about brand, products and services.

Individual and Company Insight

Understand an individual’s personality or recent events about an organization, and use these insights to make informed decisions.


Build highly effective context-aware chat-bots empowered with machine learning capabilities to respond quickly and intelligently to customer conversations.

Princeton Blue has strong capabilities in building solutions powered by AI. Engage us to empower your organization with the prowess of Cognitive Computing and AI. Let us help you become a Cognitive Business.


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