Our Appian practice helps you on your Intelligent Automation journey by achieving greater value from your Appian platform. What sets us apart are our extensive expertise of the platform, our award winning solutions on the Appian App Market, as well as methodologies, best practices, and top notch A-Score.

Our solutions have been awarded by Appian in two years in a row. This includes App Innovation in Business Operations award for Automated Label Management in 2018, Most Popular Component Award for ConversationBot solution in 2017 and Best Overall Application Award for Pharmaceutical RIM solution in 2016

The A-Score and Certifications

Appian assigns A-Score to Appian BPM practitioners based on a number of parameters including training, certifications, project experience, and contribution to forums.

  • All Princeton Blue Appian consultants hold at least one Appian certification
  • All our senior Appian professionals hold Platinum A-Score

The Princeton Blue team has 59 Appian Certifications with an average A-Score of 44

Our Solutions on Appian AppMarket

We have built several solutions on the Appian BPM platform to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey. These solutions are Health Check and Cloud Approved and available on the Appian AppMarket.

Click here to view all of our solutions on Appian AppMarket

Customer Success

  • Proven track record of successful Appian BPM implementations since 2008
  • Driven by business value delivered to customers
  • Experience of working with Appian Professional Services
  • Relationship of a Trusted Partner with our clients
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Princeton Blue and Appian Professional Services

We are among the first Appian Partners to successfully deliver AdoptNOW with Appian Professional Services.

Princeton Blue and Appian Professional Services (PS) have jointly delivered numerous client engagements successfully. To know more Click Here.

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