Business Rules Management System

Good decisions make great business processes. Good decisions are driven by Business Rules. Business Rules Management System (BRMS) enables you to build agile and reusable business rules that can be maintained by business users with minimal IT intervention. Leverage our expertise in building complex Business Rules Solutions using leading BRMS technologies.

Rule Harvesting

Unlock the potential of business rules

Business Rules are often embedded into legacy systems. These rules are difficult to change and cannot be re-used. Unlock the potential of these rules. Extend them across the enterprise and make them agile.

Engage Princeton Blue to harvest business rules from Legacy systems and build them on the sophisticated BRMS. Leverage our years of expertise on BRMS to make your business more responsive to changing business needs.

Business Rules Implementation

Implement Business Rules, the right way

Business Rules make your business processes agile. Quite often, businesses are unable to explore the real potential of a BRMS platform because of poor implementation.

Engage Princeton, Blue to gain maximum value from your Business Rules Management System. Benefit from our vast experience, our methodology, and best practices delivered by a highly talented team of BRMS Consultants.

Rules Technologies

Princeton Blue has expertise in leading Business Rules Management Systems. Over the years, we have helped our customers achieve significant success with their BRMS platform like IBM ODM, IBM ODM Advanced - DSI and Pega 7 Platform.

Customer Success

  • Proven Track record of successful Business Rules implementations since 2010.
  • Experience of building Rule Engine solution in-house.
  • Driven by business value delivered to customers.
  • Relationship of a trusted advisor with our clients.
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Solutions built on Business Rules

Princeton Blue has built a number of solutions on various BPM and BRMS platforms. These innovative solutions built at our Princeton Blue Labs demonstrates the application of futuristic technologies to real-life customer problems. They help you accelerate your BPM and Rules journey and gain higher value from your platform. These solutions are also available through the respective App Markets. Below is the list of our solutions built on BRMS Platforms.

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