Cloud computing and services empower organizations to access their business applications anytime, from anywhere. Princeton Blue helps you start your BPM journey in the cloud to achieve enterprise scale without investing heavily in the required IT infrastructure. Engage us to leverage and explore futuristic technologies like Cognitive Computing in your business process, all in the cloud.

BPM and Rules in the Cloud

Princeton Blue works with leading BPM Vendors who offer BPM and Rules platform in the cloud. All our BPM partners – Appian, IBM and Pegasystems offer their entire BPM suite as a cloud based service at flexible subscription and pay-per-use models. Build scalability without investing a single penny in IT infrastructure. Build integrations with on-premise applications through highly secured integration channels.

The Cloud Advantage:
  • Get started instantly
  • No upfront costs. Flexible subscription model. Pay as you use
  • Enterprise class scalability and security without any IT Infrastructure
  • Automatic updates. No future worries of upgrades and migrations

Engage us to quickly start your BPM and Rules journey by leveraging BPM platforms in the cloud at cost-effective prices.

Application Development in the Cloud

Build innovative solutions in the cloud using IBM Bluemix – the cloud based Platform as a Service (PaaS) from IBM. Run, deploy and manage your apps in the cloud without any software/server installation. Program in your language of choice (Java, Node.js, GO, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.) and leverage ready-to-use third party and community components and services to speed up your development.

Cloud Development with IBM Bluemix:
  • Princeton Blue has the expertise to build solutions on IBM Bluemix
  • Bluemix has a vast library of services and components contributed by community and third parties
  • Our own Unified Customer View solution is built leveraging IBM Bluemix, IBM Watson, and is integrated with IBM ODM Advanced – DSI running in the cloud

Princeton Blue has strong experience of developing cloud-based applications using IBM Bluemix, as demonstrated in our Unified Customer View solution.

Cognitive Computing in the Cloud

Benefit from Cognitive Computing capabilities of IBM’s futuristic cloud based platform – IBM Watson. Apply Cognitive Computing to analyze the sentiment of your customers, use Tone Analyzer to know the mood of various interactions, translate content, convert text-speech and speech-to-text and much more; all in the cloud.

The IBM Watson Platform:
  • Advanced Cognitive computing in the cloud
  • Large portfolio of cloud based services included as part of IBM Watson
  • Experience the power of IBM Watson with Princeton Blue’s live solution – Unified Customer View.
  • Analyze Social Media to understand mood of your customers using Tone Analyzer service on Watson

Princeton Blue has the expertise and thought leadership to apply IBM Watson services used by enterprises to solve specific business problems, like our Unified Customer View solution.

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