Mobile Solution Development

Create a superior customer experience. Empower your sales team in the field. Make your operations responsive. Enable quick decision making for your senior management. Adopt a mobile lifestyle for your business. Engage Princeton Blue to transform your business processes with the prowess of mobile apps.

Business Processes on the Go

Extend your Business Processes beyond your office premises. Mobile BPM is here to enable your employees to execute work on-the-go. Manage tasks, track SLAs, measure productivity and gain process visibility – all through a native mobile BPM app. Create superior experience for your customers by enabling mobile touch points for your processes.

  • Build mobile experience for Business Processes
  • Leverage our expertise in platforms like Appian, IBM BPM and Pega 7
  • Accelerate your journey with our solutions
  • Build a rich user experience quickly without custom code using our Lightning toolkit

Build a modern User Experience for today’s devices. Leverage our Lightning Toolkit to build superior and responsive UIs for your business processes.

Business Rules on-the-fly

Good business decisions are those that are executed quickly and driven by business rules that can be controlled by business users. Empower your decisions with the power of mobile apps. Use Princeton Blue’s Advanced Rules Management (ARM) – a 100% native mobile solution – for business users to create and manage business rules on-the-fly.

  • Business agility with changes to the rules on-the-fly through mobile interface
  • Ability to manage your decision table rules from any device
  • Full functionality to create, edit, test and manage rules along with added reporting and audit trail features
  • Intuitive and simple design making it easy for business users
  • Designed for modern smart devices

With a highly intuitive User Interface and responsive design, our mobile ARM solution is built for the new-age business user.

Build Once. Deploy on multiple platforms.

Build native mobile apps quickly and easily. Build once and deploy on multiple platforms. Build beautiful and intuitive user interfaces to engage customers with responsive UIs that adapt to various forms of devices – from desktops, tablets to mobiles.

  • Leverage our expertise to build mobile solutions quickly
  • Build only once and deploy on multiple platforms
  • Concentrate on the content rather than complexities of different mobile platforms
  • Build a consistent user experience across different channels

Princeton Blue has expertise in leveraging Mobile Development Platform to build intuitive mobile apps for your business processes.

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