Cognitive Pharmaceutical Advisor

Powered with IBM Watson, Cognitive Pharmaceutical Advisor assists regulatory users by providing access to knowledge from regulatory data sources such as without having to read 100’s of documents every day. Regulatory users are presented with the relevant content, along with sentiment and other insights and context. Users can setup specific areas of interest, which are presented as daily feeds and can also analyze the trends and sentiment to improve operational decisions.

Regulatory information that governs Pharmaceutical companies harbors vastly complex, large and critical unstructured data that governs the pharmaceutical industry. The bulk of this data resides in numerous documents and is virtually impossible for a human to read and comprehend all this data in a timely manner and derive meaningful insight from it.

It is critical for organizations to have the regulatory information on their fingertips. Regulatory Analysts find it difficult to cope up with the sheer size, complexity and dynamic nature of the vast regulatory knowledge.

Powered by IBM Watson and IBM Cloud

Princeton Blue’s Cognitive Pharmaceutical Advisor solution is powered by IBM Watson and IBM Cloud. It is pre-trained with knowledge from thousands of articles and documents from a variety of sources such as

Leveraging the immensely powerful Discovery service from IBM Watson, the solution makes vast Pharmaceutical knowledge available right at your fingertips.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson

Cognitive platform enabling ingestion, analysis and query of large amount of unstructured data with Natural Language interaction
IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud

Comprehensive set of cloud based services including Platform-as-as-Service (PaaS)

The solution is 100% cloud based with no on-premise components. It is built and deployed on IBM Cloud platform as a Cloud Foundry application.

Key Highlights

Daily Feeds

The Daily feeds section is configured by the regulatory user to reflect the areas and topics of interest and is the default view after login. Daily Feeds displays relevant content from the past seven days. It presents four different views to the user for each preference or area of interest. The four views are:

Top Stories
lists the top 10 news articles related to the area of interest, on click these links open in a new tab. Each story also showcases the general sentiment of the title and the text of the story.
Top Entities
it’s a tag cloud comprising of top companies, people and topics in news related to the area of interest, the size of the tag is indicative of its relevance to the area of interest.
Co-Mentions and Trends
is a graphical depiction of number of news articles with different sentiments which are related to the area of interest and top 10 entities (company, people, topic, etc.). It shows the trend over seven days. The charts have a hover tool tip with additional data and an interactive legend which can toggle a particular series for more specific details.
Sentiment Analysis
it lists the top news sources and presents a graphical view of number of news articles with sentiments. As with Co-Mentions and Trends, these charts have interactive legends and the hover tool tip also.

Ask Watson

The Ask Watson section allows the regulatory user to phrase a question in natural language form and submit it as a query. The response lists the most relevant passages from the documents in the pharmaceutical collection and new stories. The response also highlights sentiments, keywords, entities and related concepts from each relevant document.


The preferences section allows the regulatory user to configure his/her areas of interest which are displayed on the Daily Feed upon login. Users can change area of interest as needed.

Custom Data Sources

Cognitive Pharmaceutical Advisor can ingest data from multiple pharmaceutical sources and leverages pre-enriched content from the Discovery News collection. The custom Discovery collection for this solution has ingested data from following pharmaceutical regulatory sources:

This solution can be extended to ingest from other publicly available data sources and internal data sources from the organization’s data center.

Cognitive Pharmaceutical Advisor Screenshots

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