Gamification for Pega

Games are fun! Games give users a sense of power and control over what they do. Our Gamification for Pega solution inspires these feelings in employees at work through BPM. Improve the performance and productivity of your teams by enabling collaboration. Make their job a little more satisfying and fun.

Gamifying BPM

Some of the BPM’s toughest challenges can be tackled through appropriate implementation of Gamification

  • Facilitating change management and continuous improvement
  • Sharing best practices and providing real time feedback
  • Quantifying measurements for work deliverables ideal for education, on-boarding, and motivating employees etc.

Gamification for Pega

Princeton Blue has built the Pega Gamification Solution to empower your business processes with gamification. This simple plug-in can be customized to meet your business’s needs, and in turn, drive results, by continually engaging your employees in an environment enriched with collaboration and fun. Motivate your teams and push the boundaries of performance with Princeton Blue’s Pega Gamification Solution.

Key Highlights

Gamification is a simple, yet powerful solution built for Pega 7. While it is easy to install and configure, it provides complete functionality to gamify your business processes. The Gamification Solution uses Pega 7 Platform's latest capabilities to bring innovative capabilities to the table.

Gamification in action

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