Intelligent Delinquency Prediction

Princeton Blue’s Intelligent Delinquency Prediction (IDP) solution helps you leverage Machine Learning and BPM to pick up early signs of financial distress before the borrower of loan becomes delinquent so that you can take proactive steps to avert potential delinquency.

Every Bank performs thorough due diligence before approving any loan to its customers. This involves rules driven by Credit Score, Annual Income, Liabilities, value of loan, value of collaterals, history, etc. However, Times change and so do situations with individuals. Unforeseen conditions like Medical Emergency, Job Loss, Litigations, New Liabilities cannot be predicted at the time of loan origination.

These situations make an individual vulnerable to delinquency.

Delinquency Risk Mitigration with Machine Learning and BPM

Put historical delinquency data to use using Machine Learning and BPM. Identify and pick up early signals of financial distress before the borrower becomes delinquent. Use BPM for risk review and loan remediation to proactively avoid the delinquency before it happens.

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