Laboratory Modernization


Modernize collaboration and workflow in your Laboratory with Low-code Process Automation.

Princeton Blue’s Laboratory Modernization solution is a fully integrated, mobile-ready enterprise solution which augments your existing Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and other legacy laboratory systems to improve and modernize laboratory experience.

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Business Drivers for Laboratory Modernization


The data management needs of today’s pharmaceutical laboratories are shifting at a rapid pace. What they need is a modern, flexible, and extensible solution to address this continuously changing need.

Laboratory operations require processing of large amounts of complex data sourced from a variety of siloed legacy applications that don’t easily talk to each other, thus lacking a unified view of the data, and overall process transparency. Configurable workflows are needed to design experiments and the runs within each experiment. Managing tasks within each run, scheduling samples and instruments, and tracking the runs for each experiment requires a well-orchestrated workflow and collaboration capability amongst scientists and lab technicians.

Pain Points with Traditional LIMS and ELN

Traditional approach to Laboratory Information Management Systems often has the following pain points:

  • Rigid Workflows: Rigid workflows that are hard coded into legacy lab applications, limiting the laboratory’s flexibility in designing an experiment.
  • Siloed Systems: Complex data sourced from a variety of siloed legacy applications that don’t talk to each other, has an impact on the efficiency of the laboratory’s operations.
  • Lack of Transparency: Laboratory operational dashboards often lack transparency into the most current experiment run status.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Lack of collaboration across scientists and lab technicians result in inefficiency and longer cycle times for each experiment.
  • User Experience: The traditional LIMS system often provides a dated user experience resulting in higher chances of human errors.

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Modernization of Laboratory Operations

The Laboratory Modernization solution from Princeton Blue leverages Low-code Process Automation to modernize laboratory operations by augmenting and enhancing your traditional LIMS, ELN and other legacy lab systems. The solution brings agility to your lab workflows and provides a modern mobile-enabled user experience. Since it is built using the Appian Low-code Process Automation platform, it can be configured and customized specifically to meet your laboratory’s operational needs and requirements.

Key Features of the Laboratory Modernization Solution

Business Impact

Upcoming Features

We are continuing to enhance the Laboratory Modernization solution based on feedback from our clients. Some enhancements slated for upcoming releases include:

  • Handling of Formulation and Test Conditions
  • Automation of Run creation
  • Instrument Inventory Management
  • Tracking of samples and inventory via barcode
  • Instrument Scheduling
  • Sample Inventory Management
  • Instrument Data integration via IOT

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