Lightning UX Toolkit for IBM BPM

Customers today demand a far more pleasing user experience from products and services. Building rich user interfaces with highly interactive and graphical components for a business process often requires custom coding. This custom work requires more efforts, time, and cost and leading to challenges during upgrades in future. With Princeton Blue’s Lightning UX Toolkit for IBM BPM, create a modern, responsive user experience for your BPM applications quickly without writing any custom code. Save effort, time, and cost in building rich and powerful user interfaces.

Key Highlights

Lightning UX Toolkit for IBM BPM offers a vast library of out-of-the-box UI components, including highly interactive grids, drillable charts, special calendar controls, collapsible panes, tabs, sliders and many more, all of which are compatible with today’s mobile devices. The powerful data grid as an example, empowers users with Excel-like advanced data visualization, filtering, sorting, searching, pagination, and data export.

Lightning UX Toolkit in action

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