Pharmaceutical Solutions

Leveraging our experience in implementing BPM and Business Rules based solutions across a variety of use cases in the Pharmaceutical industry, Princeton Blue is leading the charge to deliver pharmaceutical solutions that can help reduce the R&D timeline while easing the regulatory burden during the drug development lifecycle.

Empower your business with BPM and Rules to ease your Regulatory Burden. Princeton Blue's Pharmaceutical Solutions consists of fully customizable solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • Clinical Study Management
  • IND Product Registration
  • Dossier Management
  • Pharmacovigilance and Label Management

Leverage BPM to ease your Regulatory Burden

With our award winning solutions, Pharmaceutical Companies Can Now Efficiently:

Pharmaceutical Solutions on Appian AppMarket

Princeton Blue’s Pharmaceutical solutions have been Health Check and Cloud Approved by Appian. They are listed on Appian AppMarket. One of the solutions also received the coveted “Best Overall Application” award from Appian during Appian World 2016.

Clinical Study Management

Clinical Study Start Up made easy

Enables the business to gather required essential documents to achieve study site initiation readiness accurately and quickly, across the globe.

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Pharmacovigilance and Label Management

Streamlined management of adverse events and label changes

A solution to collect and evaluate the adverse effects of medications with the related submissions of all label changes.

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IND Product Registration

Highly efficient Product Registration process

A pharmaceutical solution that helps with the completion of form 1571 which is bundled together along with other documents and submitted to the FDA for the registration of a new drug.

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Dossier Management

Configurable and automated business process with deep visibility

A complete package with all the required forms and bundles documents together to send over to the FDA to market a New or Abbreviated New Drug or Biologic for Human Use Approval (NDA).

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