Project Demand Management

Streamline your strategic initiatives like never before with Princeton Blue’s Project Demand Management (PDM) solution. Built on Appian BPM platform, leverage PDM for better prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing your portfolio of projects. Align your project portfolio with business strategy. Build a collaborative environment. Delivery value to business.

Alignment with Business Strategy

Are all of your current projects aligned with your business strategy? How do you ensure your subject matter experts have the right project approach before beginning? Key success factors when running a portfolio of projects are:

  • Continuous review of projects with business stakeholders
  • Project strategy and approach before beginning
  • Robust planning, managing and execution
  • Real-time visibility into project execution

Key Highlights

Princeton Blue’s Project Demand Management (PDM) solution focuses on the three key critical components for implementing project initiatives: planning, managing, and execution. By enabling more effective project integrity assessment, scheduling, resource management, and monitoring, PDM ensures business is simultaneously promoting and managing the right strategic mix of projects.

Project Demand Management in Action

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