Robotic Process Automation Solutions

RPA aims to automate high volume repetitive human tasks by use of a digital workforce – a scalable and reliable army of trained software robots – allowing humans to focus on more value-added work. Princeton Blue has built several solutions combining the power of BPM with RPA.

Our RPA Solutions

Digital Workforce for mundane tasks | Human Workforce for value added tasks

Automated Invoice Processing

Princeton Blue's Automated Invoice Processing solution leverages the power of RPA and BPM to achieve end-to-end automation. Using Robotic Process Automation, the solution aims to transform invoice processing by automating manual activities with RPA and workflow automation with BPM. The solution offers to build quick integrations with back-end systems using RPA and leverage BPM for business rules and approvals to achieve seamless process execution with superior efficiency and visibility.

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Automated Vendor Onboarding

The Automated Vendor Onboarding solution combines RPA and BPM to achieve end-to-end automation of Vendor Onboarding process. It automated routine and mundane tasks such as reading Vendor Onboarding Word file, updating Excel Spreadsheets and accounting systems using RPA and automates specialized human tasks such as contract negotiations and approvals using BPM.

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Automated Label Management

Princeton Blue’s Automated Label Management solution leverages a Robotic Process Automation platform combined with the process orchestration and exception handling capabilities of BPM to automate Label Management from end-to-end. While BPM coordinates the overall Label Management business process including approvals and exception handling, the robot performs mundane tasks like searching SharePoint, downloading and reading PDF files, extracting critical paragraphs and data, updating Excel sheets etc.

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