Temperature Excursion


Monitor temperature deviations with business rules and workflow automation using Low-code technology.

Princeton Blue’s Temperature Excursion solution augments your existing temperature monitoring systems using business rules, data integration and workflow to automate the process for responding to temperature deviations.

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    Challenges with Managing Temperature Excursions

    Challenges Temperature Excursion

    Pharmaceutical companies require highly controlled environments for the storage and transport of drugs and vaccines. Fluctuations in temperature can render a drug or vaccine unusable and could impact health outcomes. A modern, real-time, and flexible solution helps easily detect and process deviations in temperature.

    The traditional method of managing temperature fluctuations has many pain points:

    • Lack of real-time monitoring of temperatures across storage locations leading to delayed detection of deviation
    • Manual analysis is required to detect if an excursion has happened
    • Drugs exposed to temperature fluctuations can lead to poor health outcomes
    • Waste of drugs leads to financial losses
    • Potential regulatory non-compliance can be very costly
    • Overall lack of transparency in a manual excursion management process

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      Solution Overview

      The objective of Princeton Blue’s Temperature Excursion solution is to provide a flexible, rule-driven temperature monitoring system that enables seamless monitoring of temperature and recommends the next best action using dynamic workflows. The solution integrates seamlessly with your existing systems to automate the detection of excursions based on pre-defined business rules. The solution augments your existing temperature monitoring systems and automates the workflow to enable rapid response to excursions.

      The solution:

      The solution features a modern, mobile-enabled user experience and is easily configured and customized to your organization’s requirements. Since it is built on the Appian Low-code Process Automation platform, end-to-end solution development and testing happen in weeks!

      How the Temperature Excursion solution works

      The temperature excursion solution uses Appian Low-code technology to augment your temperature detection and other systems in storage facilities.

      The Temperature Monitor in Appian reads this feed and using business rules, it detects temporal patterns in temperature variations for each drug stored in the location.

      Appian opens a case when temperature fluctuations violate the pre-defined excursion rule for a given drug, thereby automating the workflow to respond to an excursion.

      Dynamic Rules

      The dynamic workflows and flexible business rules allow the business users to define, for each drug, when temperature fluctuations are considered excursions and how these excursions cases are to be handled.

      Key Highlights

      Here are key features of Princeton Blue’s Temperature Excursion solution.

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