The Power of Embedded Interfaces with Appian 7.10

For those of you that are familiar with Appian, you are already aware of the power and capabilities of using Appian software as your BPM solution. How great would it be if your customers could also be integrated into your Appian solution without them even knowing it? That’s exactly what’s possible with embedded interfaces and customize-able themes using Appian 7.10!

The Appian User Experience

Over the course of the last couple releases, Appian has made it a priority to integrate the various Tempo tabs, so that users rarely have to actually click on a tab. Through record tags, dynamic links, and User Start Page settings, the user experience is meant to be one where users have all the information they need in front of them, or it’s one click away. They shouldn’t need to click around and find that information. Traditionally, this concept has been constrained to internal business processes, but what if it didn’t have to be?

Why Use Embedded Interfaces?

Embedded interfaces takes that concept of a seamless user experience and brings it to the customers using your website. Now customers will be able to launch, fill out, and submit Appian forms directly from your website, and that information is immediately available in all things Appian (News feeds, Reports, Records, etc.). The best part is that you can even use your current Appian forms, and just make them available through your website when appropriate. Also, there is no requirement to host your website on the same server as Appian. So you can see how the move to adding embedded interfaces to your website can be a very smooth transition.

Appian 7.10 even takes this a step further and allows the Appian forms to replicate your website theme, so the users won’t even know what parts of the site are Appian. Take a look at this sample website to see an example of how seamlessly your Appian forms can be embedded into your own website.

The Power of Embedded Interfaces with Appian 7.10 | Princeton Blue

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How Can Embedded Interfaces Improve Your Business Processes?

This idea of being able to use Appian solutions, even outside of your internal operations, is just Appian’s latest move to help you integrate all of your business processes into one seamless central solution.

Let us show you how we can put the power of embedded interfaces to use for your organization. Please visit our website at and request to have us contact you, or you may reach out to us directly at (908)369-0961.

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