Unified Customer View

CRM + Social = Customer Insight & Intelligence

Today’s organizations, especially those in consumer businesses, are faced with unique challenges. The business environment itself has changed significantly. Any sizeable organization today has a diverse product portfolio that is offered through multiple channels. Its own business operations are often silo’ed and enabled through multiple legacy systems that do not necessarily talk with each other. How many times have you struggled with multiple User ID’s and passwords for different accounts with the same bank? While organizations struggle to build a unified customer view from within the organization itself, Social Media has bestowed immense power into the hands of the customers. Organizations need to understand the social influence of their customers and pay attention to what their key customers are saying in the world of social media.

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Jitu Patel

Jitu is a Senior Consultant at Princeton Blue. He brings years of experience in the BPM space leading in-house and client engagements for business transformation via intelligent automation. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois and spent the first 10 years of his career working in the high frequency and algorithmic trading industry in many capacities before shifting his focus to BPM. His passions outside of development include trading derivatives, woodworking, and running.

Pramod Sachdeva

Pramod Sachdeva is the Founder and Managing Director at Princeton Blue. Pramod has been helping Life Sciences organizations for 16 years with Low-code process automation solutions to modernize Clinical, Regulatory, Lab and Drug Safety processes. With over 35 years of business and technology consulting experience, Pramod brings tremendous knowledge to help Life Sciences clients navigate their process automation journey using Low-code technology. The ultimate goal is to unify the enterprise data view with standardized business processes and rules to provide an efficient and transparent way to get work done.