Princeton Blue, founded in 2006, is a leader in Intelligent Automation powered by Business Process Management (BPM), Low-code, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since our inception, improving operational efficiency and customer experience is our exclusive area of focus.


Princeton Blue is a leader in Intelligent Automation through Business Process Management (BPM), Low-code application development, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We have delivered over 546 such projects over the past 13 years. Leverage our experience to accelerate your Intelligent Automation journey. Princeton Blue is recognized in a number of industry analyst reports from Forrester and Gartner.

Driving Intelligent Automation

At Princeton Blue, our mission is to empower your business with innovation driven by Intelligent Automation technologies. We have an exclusive focus on BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI technologies to help you achieve excellence. We work with top technology vendors — Appian, IBM, Pegasystems, and Blue Prism — recognized as industry leaders by Gartner and Forrester. With our extensive experience and expertise in this space, we offer highly focused Consulting and Implementation services. We help our clients understand the business value Intelligent Automation can bring to their organization, assist them in platform selection, and facilitate their business process discovery and modeling.

Our forte is in delivering complex process solutions in the shortest period of time. Our partnership with most consistently recognized leaders in the Intelligent Automation space effectively demonstrates our capability to provide competent advisory and technology services in this space.

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Client Referenceability is the most important goal at Princeton Blue. We measure ourselves against referenceability of our clients and their success. All our clients are 100% referenceable, and are a testimony to the value that we bring to the table. We encourage our customers to have a dialog with each other and learn from their experiences. Our BPM Executive Summit is a platform where we invite our clients to share their ideas, learnings and also experience of working with Princeton Blue. We invite you to be part of this journey.

Leadership Team


Pramod Sachdeva

Founder and Managing Director

Pramod Sachdeva is the Founder and Managing Director at Princeton Blue... Read more


Gregory K. Slack

VP, Consulting Services

Greg is VP, Consulting Services at Princeton Blue. He brings years of... Read more


Amol Mategaonkar

General Manager, India

Amol is the Head for Princeton Blue’s India operations. He is a Business-IT... Read more


Daniel L. Leo

Appian Practice Lead

Daniel leads the Appian practice at Princeton Blue. He has over 18 years of IT... Read more


Balendu Mishra

IBM Practice Lead

Balendu leads the IBM practice at Princeton Blue. He has 12 years of varied... Read more


Jitu Patel

Senior Consultant

Jitu is a Senior Consultant at Princeton Blue. He brings years of experience in... Read more


Mike James

Principal Consultant

Mike James is a Principal Consultant at Princeton Blue. He has a decades... Read more

Analyst Recognition

Princeton Blue has been recognized in various BPM Analysts’ research papers as a leading provider of Intelligent Automation. With our exclusive focus on BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI, we have built deep expertise in this discipline, delivered numerous successful projects over the past 13 years and built a strong referenceable client base to prove it. Princeton Blue is active in thought leadership through presentations at various conferences, webinars and blogs. The Princeton Blue Innovation Lab has delivered a number of leading-edge solutions that demonstrate to clients the many ways in which they should be leveraging BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI to gain competitive advantage, improve customer retention and offer a modern customer experience.

The Forrester Wave:
Digital Process Automation Service Providers, Q3 2018

Read the report to learn how Princeton Blue measures up and helps organizations in their Digital Process Automation journey.

The Forrester Wave™:
BPM Service Providers, Q4 2016

Princeton Blue is cited in The Forrester WaveTM: BPM Service Providers, Q4 2016. The report is yet another recognition of Princeton Blue’s thought leadership in the area of Digital Transformation enabled through BPM, Rules and Cognitive Technologies.

Follow the link to access the full report.

Introducing The New Breed Of
Digital BPM Consultants, May 2016

Princeton Blue has been cited in The New Breed of Digital BPM Consultants – a  Forrester Research report dated May 2016. Released by Clay Richardson, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, the report elaborates on the value that specialized BPM consulting firms bring to clients.

Market Overview:
BPM Service Providers, Q4 2013

Princeton Blue is recognized as one of the selected few BPM Service Providers profiled in Forrester’s Market Overview: BPM Service Providers, Q4 2013″ report released on November 25, 2013. The report is another recognition of Princeton Blue’s efforts in differentiating itself as a BPM Thought Leader.

Who’s Who in BPM
Consulting and System Integration

Princeton Blue is recognized as one of the 10 BPM Consulting and System Integration vendors recognized in Gartner’s report “Who’s Who in BPM Consulting and System Integration – Vol 2” published in 2011. Although many consultants and system integrators offer some form of business consulting or process optimization services, they may not have the capabilities appropriate for business process management” says the report.


Princeton Blue has been driving Intelligent Automation for its clients for more than 13 years. With an exclusive focus on BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI, Princeton Blue works with leaders in this space to help customers solve their business problems by applying innovative technologies listed below.


The industry-leading Best-in-Class Application Development platform from Pegasystems delivers proven, enterprise wide transformational initiatives. It unifies several capabilities into a unified platform. Princeton Blue has proven experience on Pega 7 platform, especially on the BPM, Case Management and Robotic Process Automation capabilities.


Global Solution Center

Global Solution Center (GSC) is Princeton Blue’s India operations in Mumbai and Pune that delivers world-class Intelligent Automation solutions to global customers of Princeton Blue in tandem with the company’s teams located at customer locations.

GSC is a result of Princeton Blue’s strategy of providing higher value to customers at an optimized cost of ownership of the solution. Building on the consistent customer referenceability that the company has built over last thirteen years in the US and Asia, GSC adds a whole new chapter in the offerings from Princeton Blue. GSC will allow Princeton Blue to build distributed teams that can collaborate to build great software, solutions, and services for its customers.


Global Solution Center

  • Provide end-to-end BPM solution delivery to customers at an optimized cost of ownership
  • Nurture a top class BPM talent pool across all service lines of Princeton Blue – IBM Smarter Process, Pega 7 Platform, and Appian
  • Build a framework of agile and effective BPM Delivery Methodology that leverages collaboration across teams and ensures faster turnaround times
  • Build knowledge assets of reusable components, best practices, design patterns, solution components, and learnings and apply those to customer projects

GSC is equipped with the foundation necessary for a global engagement model. It has the right skill sets, methodologies, processes, policies and infrastructure to deliver solutions to global customers from India without compromising on quality. Princeton Blue’s “Right Sourcing” model ensures the most optimum mix of local and GSC resources. The matured delivery processes overseen by some of the best experts in the area of software delivery ensures adherence to the right delivery process to ensure the required quality.

Princeton Blue Hackathon

Leverage our Innovation Lab to build your POCs.

Princeton Blue Innovation Lab is a place where our teams ideate and build innovative accelerators, demos, and proof of concepts leveraging the latest Intelligent Automation technologies. The Princeton Blue Hackathon brings the best Intelligent Automation consultants within the organization to compete to ideate, develop and present some very cool and innovative solutions. Leverage the Princeton Blue Innovation Lab to conduct serious R&D effort, validate new ideas before you invest in them and build cool proof of concepts to get internal buy-in and build a business case.

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Mike James

Mike James is a Principal Consultant at Princeton Blue. He has a decade’s worth of experience in designing and delivering low-code, BPM solutions for a variety of industries. Over the years Mike has gained a deep understanding of the many business and technical challenges that that can accompany digital transformation and provides that expert guidance to our clients. As a member of the leadership team, Mike ensures that our customers achieve their best outcomes through delivery team management, and implementation guidance.

Gowrishankar Shankar

Gowrishankar is a Solution Engineer at Princeton Blue. He brings with him over 17 years of practical experience focusing on improving organizational capabilities and aligning strategy with business process execution. He is known for his pragmatic architecture analysis, meticulous process design principles, and skills in managing large delivery operations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Madras, Chennai and a master’s degree in computer applications from Madurai Kamaraj University. He is an avid reader and photographer.

Balendu Mishra

Balendu leads the IBM practice at Princeton Blue. He has 12 years of varied IT experience with a focus on BPM project lifecycle. As a Solutions Architect with numerous successful projects, his experience includes setting up the BPM CoE, Process Modelling/Implementation, BPM infrastructure setup/planning, designing business rules/events based systems and architecting cloud based infrastructure. He holds a Master’s Degree in IT Management from the University of Texas, Dallas. In his spare time, he loves exploring and learning new technologies.

Daniel L. Leo

Daniel leads the Appian practice at Princeton Blue. He has over 18 years of IT consulting experience and has successfully led and delivered more than 100 BPM and Rules-Driven custom applications. He began his career developing computer-based training and multimedia solutions with a leading Applied Behavioral Science consulting firm, and quickly zeroed in on helping clients achieve business transformation, through BPM and Rules. His other passions include boating, coaching his sons at basketball, and honing his poker skills.

Amol Mategaonkar

Amol is the Head for Princeton Blue’s India operations. He is a Business-IT executive with 18 years of experience of leadership roles in global organizations, handling 360° responsibilities. He has a passion for BPM and has worked with leaders in the BPM space in various capacities. While he has built and lead BPM Implementation teams for large SIs in India, he has also lead Product Management for leading BPM product vendors. Apart from running India operations, Amol plays a leading role in driving Princeton Blue’s innovative solutions.

Gregory K. Slack

Greg is VP, Consulting Services at Princeton Blue. He brings years of knowledge and experience in business consulting to the team. In is long and illustrious career, he has assisted multi-billion-dollar hedge fund TPG-Axon Capital meet SAS70/SSAE 16 financial audit status. He has helped companies from the health care vertical such as Horizon and HMSA Blue Cross Blue Shields in overcoming their business challenges with modern technology. As a senior member of this team, he ensures quality of delivery of business services.

Jitu Patel

Jitu is a Senior Consultant at Princeton Blue. He brings years of experience in the BPM space leading in-house and client engagements for business transformation via intelligent automation. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois and spent the first 10 years of his career working in the high frequency and algorithmic trading industry in many capacities before shifting his focus to BPM. His passions outside of development include trading derivatives, woodworking, and running.

Pramod Sachdeva

Pramod Sachdeva is the Founder and Managing Director at Princeton Blue. Pramod has been an evangelist for Intelligent Automation using BPM, Low-code, RPA and AI technologies since he founded Princeton Blue 12 years ago. With over 30 years of business and technology consulting experience, Pramod brings tremendous knowledge to help clients navigate their digital transformation journey towards the ultimate goal of improving customer experience and operational efficiency. Princeton Blue is recognized by leading industry analysts as a thought leader in delivering intelligent automation solutions.