Have you ever thought what makes a successful employer? We have – The answer to this question formed the basis of Princeton Blue’s ethos.

At Princeton Blue, the key element of our work culture is employees really looking forward to being at the workplace. See how we nailed it. Work, Fun, Play, and Learning are in the air of Princeton Blue. The theme we follow since inception – leaders influence culture and culture drives productivity.

Working at Princeton Blue has a melodious RHYTHM:

We defined organizational culture right from day one – motivated, smiling, and thriving employees. Our culture has helped us derive our core values, and our transparency has helped us imbibe it seamlessly in our employees, from their first step at Princeton Blue. Life at Princeton Blue is a harmonic ensemble of customer focus, employee empowerment, drive for augmentation, fun, passion, and healthy work-life balance.


We strive for referenceability from our Customers, Employees, and Stakeholders.


We aim to Attract, Retain and Nurture all rounded and best in class talent.


We treat our employees as Human Capital, rather than ‘Resources’ and uphold employee individuality.


We succeed as a Team and face challenges together. We encourage solidarity.


We maintain a pleasant working experience with a balance between fun-learn, work-life, pressure-party.


We have implemented the ‘What’s in it for me?’ approach uniquely to drive motivated employees and foster innovation.

Whether you are an Analyst, Customer, Employee, Partner, or a Guest, we invite you to get into the RHYTHM @ Princeton Blue.

Happy Careers to Happy Faces to Happy We, that’s always been our path to rewarding careers at Princeton Blue. The power of alignment between employee goals and business goals, helps us achieve the ultimate objective of ‘Happy Careers’ for our employees. Effectively placing and leveraging skills of our employees, helps us be smarter, prolific, and unified compared to the other players around.

We open our doors with plenty of opportunities for our employees, so they can push their boundaries, think aloud, contribute without any hesitance, sharpen their skills, and unleash their full potential. Irrespective of the role, every employee at Princeton Blue carries the Organizational goal of ‘Referenceability’, by providing outstanding experience to our customers and partners. Princeton Blue is looking for passionate Architects and Senior Developers with BPM experience in one or more of our active Technology platforms.

Working at Princeton Blue has an enigmatic RHYTHM with a perfect balance of work, fun and substantial growth opportunities. Learn more about working at Princeton Blue.

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