Princeton Blue Innovation Lab is a place where our teams ideate and build innovative accelerators, demos, and proof of concepts leveraging the latest Intelligent Automation technologies. Princeton Blue held its first-ever Hackathon in Dec 2019 – Jan 2020 where the best Intelligent Automation consultants within the organization competed to ideate, develop and present some very cool and innovative solutions.

PB Hackathon Event

Nine teams consisting of 30 enthusiastic technologists from Princeton Blue collaborated to discover ideas and build demos that solve real-world problems using the latest in BPM, Low-code, RPA, and AI technologies.

The Hackathon required the teams to conduct some serious R&D effort, to validate their ideas, and get them approved for development. As a result, we had some very cool implementations making the judges’ job that much more difficult.

Ideas from the Hackathon

Workplace Safety and Compliance


Get real-time information on your workers’ location to improve workplace safety, compliance and preparedness. The IoT systems provide ambient information for safety, which are combined with geolocation information to help us understand the workers’ locations, and provide a 360-degree view of workplace safety and security.

AI-based Anti-theft Solution


Leverage AI and RPA to detect unfamiliar faces from security camera footage and get notified about any behavior that may be unauthorized. Train AI on individuals that are allowed to be at your facility. Get notified when the system detects an unfamiliar person, using an AI facial detection algorithm and Robotic Process Automation.

Change Request Management System


Create, plan, schedule, implement, and track changes for change requests in your project. Easily review and close tickets from a highly customized view. Get insights into change request trends over time, current stages, and schedule.

Smart Health Management


View health data captured from smart devices such as smartwatches and smartphones in a unified dashboard, to gain deeper insights into your health to enable early detection, faster diagnosis and easier prescriptions. Share this data with your fitness trainer, doctors, and hospitals for real-time monitoring and associated actions.

Healthcare Delivery Application


Reduce the cost and time associated with hospital visits. The Healthcare Delivery application allows you to make a doctor’s appointment online while the tele-medicine capability with integrated video call provides a more cost-effective and faster online diagnosis and treatment option.

Keyless Hotel Check-in


Provide a seamless experience for guests by validating guest identity and payment documents using AI at the time of online reservation. After successful authentication with a one-time password, the guest is sent a unique QR code that can be used for check-in without talking to the front desk.

Smart Project Management System


Manage project milestones, backlogs and user access all in one place. The Smart Project Management solution integrates with Atlassian Jira for enhanced project management and provides insightful dashboards and reports.

AI and Voice-enabled Transcription for Physicians


Doctors spend a lot of time recording observations about the patient, symptoms, and vitals. This solution leverages AI to convert the voice to text, read useful patient information like patient condition, symptoms, tests, and prescriptions, and automatically enters this data into the system, allowing doctors to spend less time on administrative activities and more time with patients.

Enterprise Application Catalog Management


Get a centralized and unified view of all applications currently deployed across your enterprise. View application details such as name, date of built/purchased, business data, touch points, reports generated, SMEs, and more – all in one location. Manage access requests, approvals and overall administration from this solution.

Leverage our Innovation Lab to help you with your Proof of Concepts

Leverage our Innovation Lab to help you with your Proof of Concept

Leverage the Princeton Blue Innovation Lab to conduct serious R&D effort, validate new ideas before you invest in them and build cool proof of concepts to get internal buy-in and build a business case. Please fill the form below to continue..

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